Wooden Fly Fishing Boxes, Fly Tying Boxes, and Custom Woodworking
  • Black Walnut Fly Box

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    Wooden fly box made from black walnut.  Includes one ripple foam and one flat foam insert, brass hinges, and rare earth magnet closures.  Finished with alkyd varnish. 

    6 x 4 x 1 1/2 inches.

    Both v-carving and laser engraving are available.  V-carving is available for text only and is done in shop with a CNC router,  the text is carved into the wood.  Laser engraving is outsourced and the text or graphic is burned into the wood.  Laser engraving has much more detail and contrast but for simple text it is not necessary.  By keeping the v-carving in house, I can offer it for much lower pricing and faster shipping times.  Examples of each are shown in the product photos.

    For more information on how these boxes are made and how to care for them, please refer to the "Fly Boxes, The Process" tab.

    Product images are a representative of the wood type.  Due to the wide variations in wood color and grain patterns,  the actual box shipped may not match the box shown in the product photos.  For wood with a wide range of colors and patterns, I have included more than one photo showing different examples of the variation in the product photos.