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  • Jatoba Music Stand

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    A one of a kind, custom made all wood music stand

    This music stand is made from Jatoba, which is Brazilian cherry, a very dense, heavy hardwood. The top panels are tulipwood, a member of the rosewood family, this unique wood is hard to come by and prized for it's natural color and texture. Finished with hand rubbed oil and wax.


    All wood tilting system:

    The tilting mechanism consists of two swivel points, both attach to the top of the stand, one then goes to the upper post and the other to the tilt adjustment cam.

    Two of the points are attached with fixed ebony pins that have been turned on the lathe. The third is removable and adjusts the tilt angle.

    The angle adjustment cam has several holes to adjust the tilt angle. Each one represents a 10 degree change ranging from 10 to 70 degrees.

    Simply remove the ebony pin, tilt the stand top to the desired angle, and replace the pin. This custom pin is also turned on the lathe.

    Music Stand Top:

    The top of the stand is made from frame and panel construction feature rails and stiles with floating panel inserts. The panels are made from tulipwood, one of the rarest and most expensive woods available.

    The top measures 21 inches wide by 13 inches tall, large enough to hold two full sheets of music.

    Height Adjustment:

    The height adjustment consists of an turned ebony knob attached to a brass screw, a brass insert in the lower post, and a brass inlay in the upper post. This inlay prevents the locking screw from damaging the wood.

    Dovetailed Legs:

    The legs are attached to the lower post using sliding dovetail joinery.

    Internal Spring:

    A spring is installed in the lower base to protect the stand from damage. In the case of the height adjustment knob not being tightened properly, this spring will absord the impact if the upper post and top should fall into the lower base unsupported.

    Shipping Ready:

    This music stand is shipping ready, breaking down into individual components.

    Assembly consists of attaching the leg assembly to the lower post, inserting the upper post into the lower and locking the tightening knob, lining up and adding the 1/2 inch ebony pivot pin, then adjusting the angle and adding the adjustment cam pin.

    This takes only a couple of minutes, an allen wrench and full instruction sheet is included with the stand.