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  • Tiger Maple Fly Tying Box

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    14"W x 10"D x 11 1/2"H

    The Ultimate Fly Tying Box For Home Or In The Field

    Whether you are tying flies at home on a desk or at the shore of your favorite trout stream, Pontillo Furniture Concepts custom made fly tying boxes will let you tie in style.

    Each box is handmade using a variety of domestic and exotic hardwoods and combines unparalleled beauty with function. Each box comes with space for all your fly tying tools and equipment as well as a matching fly box to store your flies and use them in the field. Features include mahogany suede lining in drawers and compartments, solid brass hinges, rare earth magnets, powder coated d-rings, rainbow trout shoulder strap, ebony pulls, hardwood splines and inlays, frame and panel door with bookmatched panels, mitered tops with bookmatched panels, tool storage, locking trays for vise mounting, thread storage and matching fly box. Finished with multiple coats of hand applied pure tung oil and polyurethane then finished with hand rubbed wax.


    Dual Opening Top:

    The box tops have a unique double hinge system that allows them to open two ways.

    With the front doors opened 90 degrees and the tops opened from the center out, the doors become supports and provide a full 28 inches of working space.

    With the tops opened from the front, the 95 degree stop hinges keep the top in place providing you with 14 inches of working space.

    The top compartment is divided into three parts; the two outer spaces are for tool storage. When it is time to tie, simply remove your tools, put the covers back on and replace your tools in the provided holes for easy access. There is also a square opening to store head cement so that it does not tip over. The center compartment is for storing the included matching fly box, other general storage and also contains the locking screw for the upper tray.


    There are two trays provided, one upper and one lower. Each tray contains seven recesses to keep small items organized and from rolling around. They also have 1/4 inch holes on each side for inserting provided dowel pins for spools of thread. Each tray is symmetrical and works for tying left or right handed

    The lower tray is non-locking, it is used by clamping your vise onto the tray and the edge of a desk or table at the same time. It can also be removed and put to the side while using a vise with a base.

    The upper tray is locked in place by a thumbscrew in the top compartment of the box. This provides a secure and stable platform to clamp your vise down. By raising your vise higher, this is ideal for tying in the field


    Each box has three removable drawers, varying is depth. They are constructed with dovetail joinery and are lined with rich mahogany suede. The center drawer has twenty five fixed dowel pins for thread storage.

    Matching Fly Box:

    Included with each box is a matching fly box. This box is 6 x 4 inches and 1 1/2 thick, contains solid brass hinges, rare earth magnets, and is lined with flat and ripple foam inserts.

    Dual Hinge System:

    To allow the front doors to open and fold against the side of the box, a dual hinge system is used. The doors are hinged to a filler strip and then the filler strip is hinged to the box. This allows a full 270 degree movement of the doors


    Flat black powder coated d-rings are attached to the sides of the box for access points for the strap

    Rainbow Trout Strap:

    Custom rainbow trout strap is adjustable and can either be used as a shoulder strap or a carrying strap

    Tray Pulls:

    The pulls on the trays are turned from ebony, one of the most expensive and hardest woods in the world


    To reinforce miter joints, hardwood splines are inserted into the corners in contrasting colors

    Top Inlay:

    The bookmatched top panels of the box are outlined with a contrasting wood inlay

    What's Included?

    Each box comes with the shoulder strap, a matching fly box, twenty 1/4 inch dowel pins, four suede squares to protect the wood when clamping on a vise, a basic manual explaining the features and care and cleaning instructions